Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mamie Grace in my area?

We are a national directory, but can’t guarantee every area is currently covered.  Schools, businesses, specialists or any person that works with the special needs community can create a profile for the directory.

If you are a parent/caregiver and do not see your child’s school, please provide us with the school name and contact information and we will contact them or you can also recommend our site to them!

If you are a person or organization that would like to be added to the directory, please go to the service provider sign up page.

Do you have to pay to write a review?

No! You can sign up for free to write a review. 

Why do I have to register to write a review?

Unlike public sites that allow reviews, we want to make sure our reviews are monitored. We do not aim for reviews to be a negative aspect, rather an informative way to provide information to parents and a useful way for schools, businesses and specialists to receive feedback about their services.

By registering, it provides anonymity for the reviewer and protection for our service providers. If Mamie Grace views a review as slanderous or discovers inappropriate language or a deliberate attempt to hurt the reputation of a service provider it will not be posted publicly on this site.

Who can write a review?

Anyone that has had an experience with the school/business or professional they chose to review. We do ask that for the integrity of the site that employees not review your own school, and persons not review your own business or self-profile.

Are you anonymous when you write a review?

Yes! We ask you to register with your name and contact information, but your name will not be made public. When you write a review, you will be asked to identify yourself as a parent, caregiver, educator, or specialist. Your name and identifying information will be kept private by Mamie Grace.

I wrote a review, but it did not appear on the profile page.

When a review is written, a Mamie Grace employee will read the review before it is posted publicly to the profile page. If it is decided it is not an acceptable review, you will be notified of the reason for not posting the review. Please allow 2 to 3 days before your review will be posted to the profile page.



Why should I create a profile?

Word-of-mouth has been the most traditional way that parents hear about schools, therapists, or specialists in a particular field, but nowadays, a higher percentage of parents and professionals are turning to the Internet to do their research.

Creating a profile with us gives you the best way to reach a larger audience including parents, or professionals such as educational consultants that are always looking for the right schools or specialists for their clients.

How can I pay for a profile?

Payments can be made through our site using your Visa or Master Debit or Credit Cards. You can also mail a bank certified check to our address:

At this time we are offering a monthly payment option. Payment is $17 per month.

10% of annual profits will be donated to special needs charities.

Can I cancel my profile?

Yes. You can cancel at any time without penalty, but you will have to pay for the months that your profile is public.

If you do decide to cancel, we would appreciate your feedback on why you are deciding to cancel. 

I am a private school or camp that is not specifically special needs, but we have services for special needs students. Can we create a profile?

Yes! We just request that in your general description you explain the population of your school or camp and what you offer for special needs students.

Where you are asked to list the “disabilities served” on your profile, please be very specific. For example, do not just write Autism; write Asperger’s or high-functioning autism.

On the paid detailed profile, there is an “additional information” space where you can write specific information about your program that might not be answered elsewhere on the profile form.

I want to create a profile, but do not want to allow reviews. Is there an option to not allow reviews to be made?

Yes, you can create a profile and contact us to let us know you do not want reviews made.

A disclaimer will be posted on your profile page stating: "At this time, this school/company/person has not consented to allowing independent reviews made by viewers of this site."

Are reviews made on my profile monitored by Mamie Grace?

  • We will monitor reviews submitted. No review with foul language or libelous material will be published. You will be given a copy of the review to handle the situation on your own, if you feel necessary.
  • If we determine that a review submitted can be viewed as critical or severely negative, it will be submitted to you for a response before being published on our site.
  • We offer the option to decline the review service or stop having reviews posted without hassle or removal from our database of providers. A disclaimer will be posted on your profile page stating: “At this time, this school/company/person has not consented to allowing independent reviews made by viewers of this site.”  

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